Shire Session Notes Wednesday January 13th

Wednesday, January 13, 2016 by Craig Bosnick | Weekly Wednesday Session Notes

3:15pm Piano 1a w/Craig:

  • Reviewed Anchor Notes C & F and Completed Worksheet 
  • Reviewed Arrowhead Pg 36 (Identifying C & F)
  • Reviewed My New Piece Pg 36 (Identifying C & F, mixing 1/4 note & 1/2 note)
  • Learned Waltzing pg38 and about 3/4 Time (1,2,3,1,2,3)
  • Introduced new note G and started Aspen Trees Pg 39 
  1. Play through Green, Yellow and Red song each day
  2. Do second side of C & F anchor note worksheet
  3. Identity C, F and G on Piano. Put stickers on if necessary
  4. Practice pg 38 & 39

3:45pm Intermediate Guitar w/Craig:

  1. Work on Cool Kids and the Tablature
  2. Drag Me Down and the quick Double shots
  3. Try to change chords in both songs as quick as possible

4:15pm Piano 1b w/Craig:

  • Reviewed pg 38 Broadway Star
  • Started Learning 1st half pg 40 My Sombrero
  • Started pg 43 Mythical Unicorn
  1. Play pg 38 Broadway Star - play as fast as you can without loosing time
  2. Practice pg 40 anf try going onto pg 41 of My Sombrero
  3. Practice pg 43 The Mythical Unicorn


4:45pm Electric Guitar w/Craig:

  • Introduced Power Chords
  • Introduced root notes on the fret board
  • Introduced Drag Me Down
  • Learned When I Come Around
  • Reviewed What I've done
  1. Practice When I Come around with tight power chords
  2. Pracitce Drag me Down tab and rhythm
  3. Try playing drag me down with power chords. May need to find out root notes.