Shire Session Notes Monday Feb 1st

Monday, February 1, 2016 by Craig Bosnick | Weekly Monday Session Notes

3:45pm Piano 2B w/Natalie:

  • Reviewed pg26 Floating Down the River
  • Sightread Also Sprach Zarathustra pg28 
  1. Play through Floating Down the River (watch for left hand 5th and 6th intervals)
  2. Practice Also Sprach (work on pedal cordination)
  3. Watch out for left hand changes in Also Sprach 

4:15pm Advanced Drums w/Craig:

  • Reviewed 32nd Notes
  • Reviewed That's Not Freedom Drum Solo Pg 72
  • Started New Drum Solo
  • Learned When I Come Around
  1. Play through Pg 28 & 29 slow and fast
  2. Play through When I Come arounf or Come Together (Lots of 32nds)

4:15pm Piano 1b w/Natalie:

  • Reviewed In Old Hong Kong pg28 (4th intervals)
  • Sighread Russian Folk Tale (4th intervals)
  1. Practice recognizing 4th intervals in Russian Folk Tale 
  2. Practice quick transitions up an octave in Russian Folk Tale 
  3. Excentuate stoccatos in In Old Hong Kong

4:45pm Beginning Drums w/Craig:

  • Reviewed Counting Stars, 2 Beats & 2 Fills
  • Worked on Pg 11 Drum Fills
  • Worked on Shire Beats and Fills
  1. Play Counting Stars beats and fills
  2. Practice Pg 11 1/8th note rests
  3. Practice incorporating Pg 11 Drum fills into famliar beats switching between HighHat and Ride
  4. Practice all 5 lines of Pg 56 Rocking Time Drum Solo
  5. Practice pg 57 Drum Solo 'Rocking in Time'
  6. Review Accents pg 12-13

4:45pm Piano 1A w/Natalie:

  • Reviewed Let's Take a Trip p28 (3/4 time signature and dotted half note)
  • Played BigBen p29 (Moving middle C down an octave) 
  • Sightread Gumball Machine p30
  1. Practice Big Ben (quick left hand transitions, hold dotted half notes full value)
  2. Practice half not and quarter note counting. Make sure half notes are held full value.
  3. Try playing Gumball Machine piano, forte, fast, slow... 
  4. Play a Red, Yellow and Green Song each day

6:15pm Advanced Guitar w/Craig:

  • Reviewed What I've Done
  • Reviewed Cool Kids
  • Learned Power Chords and applied to Drag Me Down
  1. Review What I've Done and Cool Kids
  2. Practice Drag Me Down with Power Chords

6:45pm Beginner w/Craig:

  • Reviewed Pg 36 Drum Patterns
  • Worked on Pg 9 Fills
  • Started Drum Solo Pg 56 Rocking Time
  • Started Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  1. Play Pg 7 Reading Practice and Bass & Snare Drums
  2. Play Drum Fills on Pg 9
  3. Work on Beats on Pg 36
  4. Pg 11 Eight Note Rests
  5. Pg 56 first 2 lines of Rocking Time

7:15pm Piano 1A w/Craig:

  • Reviewed Twinkling Planets (Playing F, C & G)
  • Reviewd Skating pg 43 (notes stepping up) New note G
  • Started Basketball Pg 43 - New Note E (stepping down)
  • Reviewed Trampoline Bounce pg 44
  1. Practice Pg 41 (softly)
  2. Pracrtice Pg 42 (watch for G stepping up)
  3. Practice pg 43 (watch for E stepping down)

7:45pm Guitar Jam w/Craig:

  • New: Heart of Gold
  • New: I Will Wait & THe Girl (Bluegrass rhythms)
  • Requests: Crash Test Dummies
  1. Heart of God
  2. I Will Wait and The Girl - Practice blue grass rhythm