Shire Session Notes Monday Feb 15th

Monday, February 15, 2016 by Craig Bosnick | Weekly Monday Session Notes

3:45pm Piano 2B w/Natalie:

  • Reviewed A-B-A form in Floating Down the River
  • Practiced differentiating 8th notes and quarter notes
  • Reviewed left hand shifts in Also Sprach
  1. Play through p26 Floating Down the River (count 8th notes and quarter notes)
  2. Play through p28 Also Sprach Zarathustra (exaggerate dynamic signs)

4:15pm Advanced Drums w/Craig:

  • Reviewed 32nd Notes
  • Reviewed When I Come Around
  • Prarticed 32nd's with What I've Done
  • Learned 32nd pickup for fills
  1. Play through Pg 28 & 29 slow and fast
  2. Play through When I Come arounf or Come Together (Lots of 32nds)

4:15pm Piano 1b w/Natalie:

  • Reviewed 4th interval and 8va in Russian Folk Tale
  • Reviewed 5th interval in Wind Chimes (damper pedal)
  • Learned to recognize 3rd and 5th intervals in Bells of St Joseph
  • Learned Fermata (hold note longer than its rhythmic value)
  1. Practice p31 Russian Folk Tale 
  2. Play through p32 Wind Chimes 
  3. Practice 5th interval in Bells of St Joseph
  4. Practice playing RH 8va in Bells of St Joseph

4:45pm Beginning Drums w/Craig:

  • Began work on Ghost Snares
  • Reviewed Pg 56 Drum Solo
  • Practiced PG 57 Drum Solo
  1. Practice all 5 lines of Pg 56 Rocking Time Drum Solo
  2. Practice pg 57 Drum Solo 'Rocking in Time'
  3. Review Accents pg 12-13

4:45pm Piano 1A w/Natalie:

  • Reviewed moving left hand in Big Ben 
  • Reviewed identifying finger position on "finger map"
  • Played Gum Ball Machine piano, forte...
  • Learned Early to Bed starting with Left Hand
  • Introduced musical staff. (Righ Hand = Treble Clef, Left Hand = Bass Clef) 
  1. Practice identifying finger positions in Big Ben p29 and Gum Ball MAchine p30
  2. Practice playing Early to Bed p 30 piano, forte...
  3. Review Treble Clef and Bass Clef

6:15pm Advanced Guitar w/Craig:

  • Learned Centuries
  • Reviewed Cool Kids
  • Reviewed The First Day of My Life
  1. Review What I've Done and Cool Kids
  2. Practice Drag Me Down with Power Chords
  3. Work on Centuries
  4. Pracice This is the First Day of My Life

6:45pm Beginner w/Craig:

  • Reviewed Pg 36 Drum Patterns
  • Started Pg 37 Drum Patterns
  • Reviewed Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  1. Work on Beats on Pg 36 & 37
  2. Pg 11 Eight Note Rests
  3. Pg 56 first 2 lines of Rocking Time

7:15pm Piano 1A w/Craig:

  • Reviewed Skateboard
  • Learned Pg 47 Minuet
  • Learned Pg 48 Alouette
  • Learned Pg 49 My Kite
  1. Practice Pg 47-49

7:45pm Guitar Jam w/Craig:

  • Reviewed: Heart of Gold
  • Reviewed: I Will Wait & THe Girl (Bluegrass rhythms)
  • Learned: Free Falling (D4, D2)
  • Learned: Superman Song (Picking)
  • Started: Scientist
  • Requests: Blur - Tender
  1. Heart of God
  2. I Will Wait and The Girl
  3. Free Falling
  4. Superman Song
  5. Try Scientist