Shire Session Notes Wednesday February 17th

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 by Craig Bosnick | Weekly Wednesday Session Notes

3:15pm Piano 1a w/Craig:

  • New Concept: Skips & Steps
  • Learned Skatebaord Champ pg46
  • Started Minuet For Bach pg47
  1. Pick and play through Green, Yellow and Red song each day
  2. Work on pg 46 Skateboard Champ and move from Medium Loud (mf) to Loud (f)
  3. Practice pg 47 Minuet for Bach - Start soft (p) to Loud (f)

3:45pm Intermediate Guitar w/Craig:

  • Reviewed Shake it off
  • Reviewed Drag Me Down
  • Reviewed Cool Kids
  • Pracices singing and standing with guitar
  1. Work on Cool Kids and the Tablature
  2. Drag Me Down and the quick Double shots
  3. Work on Shake it Off
  4. Try to change chords in both songs as quick as possible

4:15pm Piano 2A w/Craig:

  • Reviewed On With the Show pg4
  • Reviewed Bartoks Study pg 7
  • Reviewed Au Clair de la Lune pg 8-9
  • Started the Food Court pg 10
  1. Practice on with the Show pg 4
  2. Practice Bartoks Study pg 7 - play as fast as you can
  3. Practice The Food Court pg 10-11 (Allegro = quickly)


4:45pm Electric Guitar w/Craig:

  • Learned Centuries
  • Reviewed Learn to Fly
  1. Play through Centuries (original song is in the same key)
  2. Work on Blues Scale