Shire Session Notes Monday March 7th

Monday, March 7, 2016 by Natalie Warkentin | Weekly Monday Session Notes

3:45pm Piano 2B w/Natalie:

  • Reviewed C major scale fingerings (WWHWWWH)
  • Learned G major scale (GABCDEF#G)
  • Reviewed Take Me Out to the Ball Game p32
  1. Play through p32 (don't forget to count quarter note rests)
  2. Practice playing C major scale with left and right hand up and down. 
  3. Practice G major scale finger positions until you have it in your muscle memory
  4. Keep learning Prelude

4:15pm Advanced Drums w/Craig:

  • Reviewed 32nd Notes
  • Reviewed When I Come Around
  • Reviewed Iris
  • Reviewed What I've Done
  1. Enjoy Spring Break!!!

4:15pm Piano 1b w/Natalie:

  • Reviewed Bells of saint Joseph (damper pedal)
  • Reviewed Hot Aire Baloon p35 (dont forget F#s)
  • Reviewed Creepy Crawler p36 (watch for finger positions)
  • Learned Incomplete measures (Last beat is "stolen" from the end and "pasted" at the beginning) 
  • Learned I Asked My Mother p36 (watch for moving left hand in bar 9 and 11)
  1. Play through p35 Hot Air Balloon (f#)
  2. Practice Creepy Crawler p36 (make sure not to confuse C# and C. )
  3. Play I Asked My Mother (practice counting 1, 2, play)

4:45pm Beginning Drums w/Craig:

  • Reviewed Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  • Reviewed Counting Stars
  • Reviewed Pg 56 Drum Solo
  • Reviewed Pg 57 Drum Solo
  • Reviewed Shire Beats adn Fills 1
  1. Have a great Spring Break!

4:45pm Piano 1A w/Natalie:

  • Reviewed middle C and laser F in bass cleff
  • Reviewed changing right hand finger positions in Change on C p35
  • Played Arrowhead p36
  • Learned bass F
  • Learned My New Piece p37
  • Learned what tempo is - (fast slow modertely)
  1. Review Treble Clef and Bass Clef
  2. Play through Change on C (watch for dynamic changes - forte, piano..)
  3. Play through Arrowhead (identify F and C)
  4. Play My New Piece (play indicated tempo)

6:15pm Advanced Guitar w/Craig:

  • Reviewed All our Songs
  1. Have a great Spring Break!

6:45pm Beginner w/Craig:

  • Reviewed Pg 36 Drum Patterns
  • Started Pg 37 Drum Patterns
  • Reviewed Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  1. Have a great break!

7:15pm Piano 1A w/Craig:

  • Reviewed Ode to Joy
  1. Have a great Break!

7:45pm Guitar Jam w/Craig:

  • Reviewed all our songs!
  1. Have a great Break.