Shire Session Notes Wednesday March 30th

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 by Craig Bosnick | Weekly Wednesday Session Notes

3:45pm Piano 1a (Part 2) w/Beth:

  • Reviewed and played through our favourite GREEN pieces
  • Reviewed note timing and locating notes
  • Reviewd Skatebard Champ (46) and Minuet for Bach (47)
  1. Pick and play through Green, Yellow and Red song each day
  2. Work on pg 46 Skateboard Champ and move from Medium Loud (mf) to Loud (f)
  3. Practice pg 47 Minuet for Bach - Start soft (p) to Loud (f)
  4. Look ahead to My Kite

4:15pm Piano 2A w/Beth:

  • Reviewed Twinkling Skyline pg 6
  • Reviewed Shadows pg 13
  • Learned Boogie Boarding pg 15
  • Learned My New Skate Shoes pg 17
  1. Practice Boogie Boarding pg 15
  2. Practice My New Skate Shoes pg 17
  3. Look ahead to pg 18 and try right hand and letft hand separate on page 


4:45pm Electric Guitar w/Craig:

  • Reviewed When I Come Around and Recorded it
  • Reviewed Time of My Life and Recorded it
  1. Work through songbook and prepare to record a couple songs per session.