Shire Session Notes Monday May 16

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 by Natalie Warkentin | Uncategorized

3:45pm Piano 1A w/Natalie:

  • Reviewed 3/4 time signature
  • Reviewed anchor notes C, F and G (both clefs)
  • Reviewed Twinkling Planets p41
  • Played Skating p42
  • Learned Basketball
  • Learned the difference between notes moving up and down
  1. Play Twinkling Planets (be mindful of finger positions and notes moving up and down)
  2. Play Skating p42 (practice recognizing new note - bass clef G)
  3. Practice Basket (watch for notes moving up or down)

4:15pm Advanced Drums w/Craig:

  • Reviewed 32nd Notes
  • Reviewed When I Come Around
  • Learned Iris
  • Rudiments and dbl stroke 32nd fills
  1. Play through Pg 28 & 29 slow and fast
  2. Play through When I Come arounf or Come Together (Lots of 32nds)

4:15pm Piano 2B w/Natalie:

  • Before starting songs, warm up with C, G and D major scales in right and left hand 
  • Reviewed notes on staff
  • Reviewed C major, G major (F#) and D major (F# C#) 
  • Played through Over the Rainbow 
  • Worked on counting half, quarter and eighth notes 
  • Worked on Pachelbels Canon 
  1. Warm up with C G and D mojor scales with RH and LH
  2. Play Over the Rainbow (make sure to count eighth notes)
  3. Practice first two bars of Canon (watch for triplet pattern) 
  4. Practice Canon to a metronome  

4:45pm Beginning Drums w/Craig:

  • Continue work on Ghost Snares
  • Reviewed Pg 56 Drum Solo
  • Practiced PG 57 Drum Solo
  1. Practice all 5 lines of Pg 56 Rocking Time Drum Solo
  2. Practice pg 57 Drum Solo 'Rocking in Time'
  3. Review Accents pg 12-13

4:45pm Piano 2A w/Natalie:

  • Reviewed Au Clair de la Lune p8
  • Played Food Court (count half notes and quarter notes) 
  • Learned Clocks (new piece)  
  1. Play Au Clair de la Lune
  2. Play The Food Court (watch for staccatos)
  3. Practice Clocks hook (F# key signature means all Fs in piece are F#s) 

6:15pm Advanced Guitar w/Craig:

  • Reviewed Centuries
  • Learned Iris
  • Reviewed The First Day of My Life
  1. Review What I've Done and Cool Kids
  2. Practice Drag Me Down with Power Chords
  3. Work on Centuries
  4. Pracice This is the First Day of My Life

6:45pm Beginner w/Craig:

  • Reviewed Pg 36 Drum Patterns
  • Started Pg 37 Drum Patterns
  • Reviewed Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  1. Work on Beats on Pg 36 & 37
  2. Pg 11 Eight Note Rests
  3. Pg 56 first 2 lines of Rocking Time

7:15pm Piano 1A w/Craig:

  • Reviewed Skateboard
  1. Practice Pg 47-49

7:45pm Guitar Jam w/Craig:

  • Reviewed: I Will Wait (Bluegrass rhythms)
  • Reviewed: Free Falling (D4, D2)
  • Reviewed: Superman Song (Picking)
  • Learned Iris
  • Requests: Blur - Tender
  1. Heart of God
  2. I Will Wait and The Girl
  3. Free Falling
  4. Superman Song
  5. Try Scientist