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Spring Break 2020 Camps - March 16-20 

(Half day or Full day Camps)

Camps are for youth in grade 2-7. $85 - Half Day   $160 - Full Day

Registration is Full

BATTLE OF THE BANDS - 9:30am-12:00pm

  • Join a band and create a band poster
  • Learn to play Guitar, Drums, Piano and Vocals
  • Work with a band to perform and present cover songs
  • Battle another band in friendly competition
  • Play a small concert for family and friends

Video Production and Music Tech - 1:00pm-3:30pm

  • Join a Tech Crew and perform 'Tech Challenges' with your team
  • Compose and create music with digital tools (computers and tablets)
  • Learn how to use stage/DJ lighting and create scenes
  • Explore visual art/photography and it's relationship to music and performance
  • Learn how to record and edit music and a short music video

Registration is full

Spring 2020 Music Sessions

Contact craig@shiremusiccentre.com for info on Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Piano and Jam Groups for winter  2020. Some private sessions available as well.

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For info or to book RockIT after school sessions at your school please email us: craig@shiremusicentre.com









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