Shire Music Centre

All our group sessions are streamlined to be the same length and pricing for consistency. In an effort to keep our fees accessible for families we offer a sliding scale of fees connected to household income. The Shire Music Centre is a non-profit community organization where all the funds go back into the development of the students of the centre. There are three fee structures for our current sessions.

  • $10.00/session (Household income less than $55k)
  • $11.50/session (Household income between $55k -$85k)
  • $13.00/session (Household income greater than 85k)

This is completely on honour system and ultimately please pay within whichever scale is reasonable for your family. We welcome your feedback on this as it is an experiment. We also have bursaries available for families who are in financial need that you can apply for. Email us for info on those.

Private sessions are on a similar sliding scale per session:

  • $20.00/session (Household income less than $55k)
  • $25.00/session (Household income between $55k -$85k)
  • $30.00/session (Household income greater than $85k)

Some sessions have extra book and supply fees. Fees can be paid all up front or in two instalments on the first and fifth week. You can pay by cash, cheque or by credit card (slight service charge for credit).