Shire Session Notes Wednesday March 30th

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 by Craig Bosnick | Weekly Wednesday Session Notes

3:45pm Piano 1a (Part 2) w/Beth:

  • Reviewed and played through our favourite GREEN pieces
  • Reviewed note timing and locating notes
  • Reviewd Skatebard Champ (46) and Minuet for Bach (47)
  1. Pick and play through Green, Yellow and Red song each day
  2. Work on pg 46 Skateboard Champ and move from Medium Loud (mf) to Loud (f)
  3. Practice pg 47 Minuet for Bach - Start soft (p) to Loud (f)
  4. Look ahead to My Kite

4:15pm Piano 2A w/Beth:

  • Reviewed Twinkling Skyline pg 6
  • Reviewed Shadows pg 13
  • Learned Boogie Boarding pg 15
  • Learned My New Skate Shoes pg 17
  1. Practice Boogie Boarding pg 15
  2. Practice My New Skate Shoes pg 17
  3. Look ahead to pg 18 and try right hand and letft hand separate on page 


4:45pm Electric Guitar w/Craig:

  • Reviewed When I Come Around and Recorded it
  • Reviewed Time of My Life and Recorded it
  1. Work through songbook and prepare to record a couple songs per session.

Shire Session Notes Monday March 7th

Monday, March 7, 2016 by Natalie Warkentin | Weekly Monday Session Notes

3:45pm Piano 2B w/Natalie:

  • Reviewed C major scale fingerings (WWHWWWH)
  • Learned G major scale (GABCDEF#G)
  • Reviewed Take Me Out to the Ball Game p32
  1. Play through p32 (don't forget to count quarter note rests)
  2. Practice playing C major scale with left and right hand up and down. 
  3. Practice G major scale finger positions until you have it in your muscle memory
  4. Keep learning Prelude

4:15pm Advanced Drums w/Craig:

  • Reviewed 32nd Notes
  • Reviewed When I Come Around
  • Reviewed Iris
  • Reviewed What I've Done
  1. Enjoy Spring Break!!!

4:15pm Piano 1b w/Natalie:

  • Reviewed Bells of saint Joseph (damper pedal)
  • Reviewed Hot Aire Baloon p35 (dont forget F#s)
  • Reviewed Creepy Crawler p36 (watch for finger positions)
  • Learned Incomplete measures (Last beat is "stolen" from the end and "pasted" at the beginning) 
  • Learned I Asked My Mother p36 (watch for moving left hand in bar 9 and 11)
  1. Play through p35 Hot Air Balloon (f#)
  2. Practice Creepy Crawler p36 (make sure not to confuse C# and C. )
  3. Play I Asked My Mother (practice counting 1, 2, play)

4:45pm Beginning Drums w/Craig:

  • Reviewed Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  • Reviewed Counting Stars
  • Reviewed Pg 56 Drum Solo
  • Reviewed Pg 57 Drum Solo
  • Reviewed Shire Beats adn Fills 1
  1. Have a great Spring Break!

4:45pm Piano 1A w/Natalie:

  • Reviewed middle C and laser F in bass cleff
  • Reviewed changing right hand finger positions in Change on C p35
  • Played Arrowhead p36
  • Learned bass F
  • Learned My New Piece p37
  • Learned what tempo is - (fast slow modertely)
  1. Review Treble Clef and Bass Clef
  2. Play through Change on C (watch for dynamic changes - forte, piano..)
  3. Play through Arrowhead (identify F and C)
  4. Play My New Piece (play indicated tempo)

6:15pm Advanced Guitar w/Craig:

  • Reviewed All our Songs
  1. Have a great Spring Break!

6:45pm Beginner w/Craig:

  • Reviewed Pg 36 Drum Patterns
  • Started Pg 37 Drum Patterns
  • Reviewed Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  1. Have a great break!

7:15pm Piano 1A w/Craig:

  • Reviewed Ode to Joy
  1. Have a great Break!

7:45pm Guitar Jam w/Craig:

  • Reviewed all our songs!
  1. Have a great Break.