Shire Music Centre

Shire is partnering with Southside Community Church again this summer to bring our Rock Camps as well as Arts, Sports and a new Inventors Camp to our Neighbourhoods.


In Cover and Compose Camp kids will receive some training on guitar, drums, piano and singing and apply their skills to some new and old songs. We will work on recording a cover song together and spend time thinking critically about some of the modern music that is being produced. Kids will learn how to arrange songs and work together in bands towards performing a cover song. There will be some friendly competition as we form bands and participate in music challenges. Students are welcome to bring their own instruments and ones will be provided as well.

Shire Rock Camp 3: Music & Technology  (Ages 7-12, $85)

Great technicians inspire great performances. Join a Tech Crew backstage for technical challenges ranging from inventing drum loops and creative digital music to producing lights shows and exploring environmental projection art. You’ll receive a Shire Tech Crew poster, and finish the week with a presentation of some of our tech creations.

Shire Rock Camp 1: Music Video  (Ages 7-12, $85)

Whether you’re Mozart or have never touched a musical instrument before, this camp will help you rock out on drums, guitars and keyboards. Form a band, learn and play cover songs, compose new songs and create a music video. You’ll even get a band poster, and a chance to see the public premiere of your music video!